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    Media moves pics and pixels. Want to sell lipstick? Did you really do your research? Who do you go to for advice? How many do you want to sell?

    For the answer to these and many more questions google is a safe place to start your inquiry. Do you wearlipstick? This message is brought to you before class begins.

    It is official. Next week, TheStyling starts the new season out with Lissette.

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    Kathryn Bigelow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Hearing the news about her recent nomination for an Oscar, I wonder if  The Hurt Lock will win out over Avatar. More than just a curiosity, she co-directed my first motion picture to style hair and makeup on.

    Her movies have always been a hit in the film festival ciruit.

    Another first for that film: Willem Dafoe, in his first lead  role as a Marlon Brando type biker, set in the 50′s. His career has spanned over three decades. In character for his role in The Loveless.

    Something you might find interesting is that we both went to art school then turned to production as our form of art. Congratulations Kathryn.

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    After many weeks of classes leading up to State Board exams, I can announce here that I have been re-licensed in Cosmetology. The funny thing about this is what I have discovered about the Cosmetology trade as it relates to salons and spas these days. Even the education is interesting. Today’s standard for the school I attended is the very same I introduced to the south in the 70′s. Now in retrospect to view this and to see it’s relevance to today’s stylists, it’s exciting to watch how it has changed so much of the industry. New product, methods, salon….to start off with. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. thanks, Michael

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    Wardrobe for Adam. 

    Friday’s wardrobe appointment with singer/songwriter Adam Foster was successful in many ways. We were able to use pieces from his closet  to come up with some very interesting looks. There is one  garment we need to add. For the shot below it was necessary to use a clip to bring together the neck of the T in shot below, so we need to pick one up in a different size. A new, crisp, white T.

    We have been planning to color his hair for a major change in his performance presence. Can’t give the secret color away here. Will preview that when the time is right. We did scheduled to do “the color thing” on his hair 5 days before the shoot with Scott. This will give us a window of time if there needs to be any adjustment to the formula.

    Vested T

    Vested T

    One of a dozen choices for the shoot June 20th. A must have part of every artist guy’s wardrobe  The tags say it all. inviting, casual, professional

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    Lengthy but well worth the read, from ar… 

    The following article came through an organization defining themselves as  the dreamers, the drop-kicks, the underground, high-flying, hopeful, honest, creative, and above all subversive lovers of God and his incredible creation.

    Artisaner Steve writes:

    Lengthy but well worth the read, says  Artisan.

    Hi everyone

    Today the 5th of June is World Environment day and the Global launch day of the film ‘HOME‘. This is the first film of it’s kind to be launched on the same day to five continents in theatres on TV and also on the internet http://www.youtube.com/homeproject. Award winning photographer and founding president of Goodplanet Yann Arthus-Bertrand has for years filmed some of the most spectacular and innovative footage of our planet that has been edited together for this film ‘HOME’.

    I find it fascinating that the main financial backers for this project is PPR who are the umbrella company for fashion brands such as Gucci, Puma, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney. I love this creative convergence between the media and fashion industries that come together to communicate the Biblical mandate to be ‘good stewards’. Whilst their commentary would not point people towards a creator, I applaud and support them in their passion and pursuit towards doing the right thing.

    To be honest I had not heard of PPR until I read about the ‘HOME’ project so I spent a bit of time investigating more about this group. I was inspired and encouraged by the aspirations that are outlined in their code of business practice. Here is one paragraph.

    We intend to act as a socially responsible company in all the countries where we operate. Through our businesses, we contribute to the economic and social development of the countries where we operate but as a corporate entity we do not seek to influence or get involved in national politics. We respect the culture of the countries where we operate. We participate in social and educational projects and in sponsoring activities in many of our countries of operation. We support initiatives taken by our companies and employees with respect to sustainable development and social solidarity. As part of this commitment, we set up SolidarCité, a non-profit organization, to coordinate and promote such initiatives and to support the actions of our employees. The association has representatives in our companies and brands and is seeking to develop its activities abroad.

    I then looked at the vision of SolidarCité and here is their vision:

    To facilitate social and professional inclusion for people in health and social care needs: enabling the long-term unemployed, young people under age 26 without training and without jobs, homeless people or any other underprivileged person to return to employment, thanks to personalized support. By welcoming them while they are in an inclusion programme, the Brands of the Group provide them with the possibility of acquiring the expertise and life skills necessary for integration within a company.

    A committee for ethics and social and environmental responsibility has been established to drive these values within PPR. I met someone at Google last week and a similar story could be told. Their investment both financially and in staff hours into the hidden, local as well as international projects is going on as we speak and with no headlines.

    Whilst I know there is a million miles to go and all these groups and company’s are far from perfect, I want to pay tribute to the aspirations and commitment to do the right thing. Could the fashion industry emerge as a leading voice in the pursuit of ethics and social and environmental responsibility? Who would have thought that ten years ago? God is answering prayer more than you will ever know in ways we will never see or understand. For decades thousands have prayed that the media, arts and fashion industries would better reflect the nature and values of Christ and here I believe are glimpses of answered prayer. I see across industry an increasing self effacing pursuit to do the ‘right thing’. We continue to unite, humble ourselves and pray on behalf of our industries and one another. We also ask God to help us model these self effacing values.

    There are gatherings in a number of cities which you can find online Artisan . If you would like to make a donation to Artisan you can online at JustGiving.

    Remember to watch the film Home.

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    Adam is about to have black hair to bring out that Elvis mystery caught by the genes in his male lineage. Worked with Scot this past week to construct a new light box. Compared sketch books with Adam. Read through Men’s Health. Met with my graphic designer to tweek brand. Took in some new trends in cosmetics yesterday. Got a new angle on my head. Laughed at all the pics my wife and daughters are sending from their week in DC….Many of the locations for Night at the Museum II.

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    Beginnings of the Metro Sexual Man 

    Classic take on men of style. You might be surprised to see exactly what a top New York beauty photographer does when he works with men. He has shot more covers than anyone else in New York. His secret?  A love for  beauty?  Find out how Scavullo helped start the metro sexual man.

    One man's take

    Classic Take

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