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    Surface Gathering 

    Surface Gathering

    This is what you get when you use a product to care for your hair and the earth all at once. My life has changed, improved. What did I do? Can you do it too? Of course you can. Whenever you decide you set the goal, take the steps and find new meaning and experience in your life.

    Life is full of choices, decisions and options. All of them have direct results, no matter which one you choose. Sometimes wise isn’t the best option. When this is the case, safe will do. But, is safe really what helps you move forward and experience all that life has in store? No. Not these days. And really, it never did.

    Take a stand. Sing your song. Light the fire of life. Move forward starting today. Can you dig it?

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    Millions of Dynamo 

    Johnny Dynamo, a creation, a Webisode, cool, calm. What does Johnny Dynamo mean to you? A lot of people these days are thinking these words. Watch it and tell me what you think.

    It’s not everyday when you get to crew a project with a cast like this show has. They all have the same energy when it comes to delivery and that’s what matters when you are telling a story, acting, being talent. With this many viewers in under two months, they must be doing something Dynamite.

    Seriously, let me know what you think of the show. As the Key hairstylist and makeup artist for much of the production it is a job almost too big, except for the GORILLA style production it is, making it possible to do what is necessary at the moment, no matter what the circumstances.

    Watch it and learn how. Story telling is a theme today that isn’t going to stop until the final line. What is that to you? Join us and become the next million viewers.


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    July, 2012, Finding harmony in Nashville this Summer 


    Today, yesterday, tomorrow. What’s the difference in the three? Temperature is what most people will say.  Up and down the coast we have seen dramatically high highs that are above normal for this time of the year. And! Dramatically high is that amount of business The Styling is having at this time. Creative living and working is a snap. And a smile, with a thank you, to follow up. Yes! 

    This year, and we still have half a year to go, there have been more changes, doors opened, new faces, more opportunities, jobs, people, places, than I can remember at one period, ever in my life. This week alone, since July 4th let’s say, the possibilities, the temptations, the payoff for hard work, the blessings and friends have been greater in number than I can remember in my life.

    Just last night my wife and I at dinner with a newlywed couple sat, talked, shared, ate and simply enjoyed being together as friends. And do you know what? It was as if we were back in high school, on a double date. Conversation, food and friendship were all top notch.

    Now today was so different from the last month of days, we had record breaking temperatures far below the last months days of scorching heat, I believe topping 100. Overcast and misty throughout most of the day, it was quite comfortable for a renewed moment. The whole day was like that too.

    I started out being late for my Apple store reservation, had to find a supplier for product for a new client, take an associate to view new designs for office and home organizing. (By the way, I am in the beginning of that right now and I love it. Blake Matlock is the greatest for organizing. Relocated from Louisiana, to Nashville, she is quick, astute, and organized, something that is making a difference in my business. Scheduling return and new clients for services, renew social marketing annual fees! Whew, is that enough?

    The answer: NO. It isn’t enough. Not today. There were still over a dozen newer items to complete on the list, but that isn’t a problem. Why? Because as a Stylist, there is always something new to understand and ad to the roster, but one of the most consistent tools for the trade is the long standing iOS and the newest electronic gadget, their iPhone, with Siri. The 98% accuracy of voice recognition and transliteration make it the most necessary addition to this years workforce.

    And I did get to reschedule my appointment at Apple. Saw and spoke with at least 5 different apples from the store, and everyone had something interesting for me to walk out of the store with, yet I didn’t make one purchase during the entire time spent there. Now that’s a marvel! The moral to the story? There isn’t one. But the reason I wrote this is for the one person who might believe and give Apple a try, instead of being caught up in the pc World. I did, and I never want to go back.

    thx Steve. M

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    The New Year and the Baby Boomer 

    Time to test the waves of time, especially as this new season is on us. For those who fit into what we know as the baby boomers, I am gonna give a try to turn my focus on the group I am and have always been a part of. This time, with new tips, new techniques, new products. And, all of them are tried and tested. I have put them into use, used them on clients and friends, and have seen great results. Clients love them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So often, we don’t see the beauty because so much has gotten in the way.


    Stay in tune, find out what some of those barriers are, and I will do my best to help you find the beauty that is you. In the 1970′s top hair line companies made many claims that their products had benefits galore but I didn’t see them happen when I used them.


    This year, I share how you can do it too. Look better than ever, with technique and products that are easy to do, easy to buy. That’s a win win. What are you waiting for? thxImage Your personal hair and makeup man. Michael

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    Summer Sizzle and hot lights! 

    Timing is everything. Whether you are running to the mall or walking into your business for a day of work, timing is everything. Just two weeks ago, I was standing in line shopping at my favorite local Trader Joes and the fellow in front of me at the register and I spoke for a moment, recognizing our affinity to the same decades, and I suggested we get together for lunch before long. He accepted. Within minutes we were on the phone sharing cell phone numbers. He suggested I google him until our get together and I in turn suggested the same.

    You wouldn’t believe who this man is. We haven’t had lunch yet, but the timing was succinct. Another moment and we wouldn’t have spoken. This adventure may never turn into lunch, but the random, or was it, meet was enough to set the pace of the day as perfect. Later that day, I ran into Kim Greenwood of the Miss USA pagent and we had fun catching up. Hadn’t seen her since before her 17 year old son was born. Then, the next day, I was coloring and cutting a clients hair the the studio to find out her son is on the same ball team as Kims. Small world after all.

    The newest? “Presenting You”. Yes Monday is the first day for the program to begin at the Maryland Farms YMCA, where clients will learn their best side for the camera. The experiences modeling off and on since the age of 4 has more than prepared me, along with the years of motion picture and television work, to help individuals get their best angle for the camera.

    School starts back for the faculty. That’s what my wife is saying. Wouldn’t want to be her. Although, it was great to have a couple of months off, wasn’t it Cheryl?

    This summer’s delight. Little Edith Catherine Joy was born June 4 and is she something else. Take a look at her recent trip to the beach. Keep your shades on girls.

    What a girl will do to get on the beach!

    Ready when you are!

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    View Attitude 

    2011 to go. Have you commented yet? When you enter into a new industry, there are more choices, more options, more decisions. This year, there are three major players on The Styling team. Starting with Beauty Express where client experience is like none other offered in this part of the world.

    Next, can you say Y M C A? There is a revolution today. The youth are choosing the future. Both Maryland Farms and Christ Church have The Styling available for consultations, how to prepare for the camera. Do you make the cut? The Dan Agency is where it pays off. Join us as we continue to serve the community. Get in on The Styling team and take your image to the next level. For the next three months we are offering 10% off bookings, when you mention The Styling team, and get your game going.

    This year, we are focusing on Michaela. a Scene Stealer who is looking at options for her future. Last year, she was asked to be the spokesperson for a Doctor in DC who specializes in adolescent obesity. After her first visit, she was asked to be represent her age grouping to a healthier lifestyle.
    Follow her adventures here and help get the word out.
    Thx. M


    The Styling Team kicks in 2011

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    kathryn bigelow – Google Search.

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    Kathryn Bigelow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Hearing the news about her recent nomination for an Oscar, I wonder if  The Hurt Lock will win out over Avatar. More than just a curiosity, she co-directed my first motion picture to style hair and makeup on.

    Her movies have always been a hit in the film festival ciruit.

    Another first for that film: Willem Dafoe, in his first lead  role as a Marlon Brando type biker, set in the 50′s. His career has spanned over three decades. In character for his role in The Loveless.

    Something you might find interesting is that we both went to art school then turned to production as our form of art. Congratulations Kathryn.

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    Getting all the necessary tools, brushes, bottles, creams, towels, groomers, buffers, and everything else we will need for today’s photoshoot. The temp is rising and it looks like we night reach the high 90′s before the day is done. Extra ice, and a few fans please. The photoshoot event is at the Parthenon in Centennial Park today. It’s going to be a packed place, with several hundred expected in total with all that’s going on.

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      Thanks so much for all your work for the photo shoot. Your attention to detail is amazing and it made all the difference. I really enjoyed working with you. It was fun and focused. I’m looking at the images now and am blown away. Can’t wait to do it again!

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    Adam is about to have black hair to bring out that Elvis mystery caught by the genes in his male lineage. Worked with Scot this past week to construct a new light box. Compared sketch books with Adam. Read through Men’s Health. Met with my graphic designer to tweek brand. Took in some new trends in cosmetics yesterday. Got a new angle on my head. Laughed at all the pics my wife and daughters are sending from their week in DC….Many of the locations for Night at the Museum II.

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